A couple of questions for our visit in 8 days!

Can’t believe we’ll be in one of my favorite places in the world in 8 days!

I have a few last minute questions.

I read somewhere that you can access resort bus transportation wait times through the WDW app. I can’t find it on my app. I see ride wait times but not transportation.
Is it because I am not at WDW right now?
Is it something that appears on the app when you are in WDW?
Also does the app list boat transportation times like the boat that takes you from PO Riverside to Disney Springs?

On another subject all together,

What are the pillows like at PO Riverside? We are staying in a Royal Court Room, and I need a soft flexible pillow or I’ll have to bring my own because I can’t sleep on a hard flat pillow.

Thanks in advance for your informed responses.

Yes it only appears when you’re there, and it’s only buses from your resort as far as I know. But I may well be wrong about that.

Yes once you get there you will be able to see bus times leaving for your resort. You have to click on your reservation on the app to see it. I cant answer about the boats but I would guess not. I have never been to PO but any other boat launches that I have been on don’t display a time the next boat is arriving like the busses do at resorts. The only form of transportation that has an arrival board is the bus stops at the resorts which is why you can see it on your app.

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It’s in the “room info” section of the app (or something similar). There’s a ton of information in the fairly nondescript link. Also, if the app. says the bus comes “every 20 minutes” or something similar, that means it could be right now or any time. It just means it isn’t tracking the bus.