A/C at AK restaurants

Looking for your top recommendations for A/C lunch at AK. We have four children ages 4-18, plus two adults. The TOP PRIORITY is air conditioning. Food quality, child-appropriateness, location in the park, and pricing are all secondary. I really don’t mind if it’s Table or Counter service as long as we are seated and are COOL.

We will eat around noon on a CL7 day.

I currently have a res for 12:00 at Yak & Yeti. Happy to change that!

Thanks much.

Yak and Yeti is really good and fully air conditioned. Unless you’re into a character meal at TH I’d stick with what you have.

For QS Pizzafari has AC


Keep the Y&Y. The seared ahi salad is one of my favorite lunches in WDW. It pairs very well with a Safari Amber. The seafood curry is also good, but quite heavy; it was fine in Nov, but I don’t think I’d want it during the summer heat.