A bad day made better by magic

Today we got Disney white glove service. We were on the bus to HS at 6:50a, got through the bag check and gate and were about 20 people behind the rope. As the rope dropped my 4yo ds started vomiting! :frowning: We got him cleaned up and turned around to head back to the hotel. Stopped in guest relations to get a sick bag for the bus ride. Disney gave us info and tools to help our son, put our tickets back on our magic bands, cancelled our ADRs with no charge, and gave us FPP to cheer up the 13yo! After a 5 hour nap today, I think he’s ready to hit the MK tomorrow. :-):star_struck:


Wow. Cool story. Thanks for sharing. Hope tomorrow is vomit-free!

Great story! I hope you have a great day today!

Have a great day today! Hope he’s feeling all better!

DS is all better and had quite the MK morning…he was chosen to pull the sword from the stone and to be part of Capt. jack’s crew! He’s having a wonderful 1st visit now.


I’m so glad he’s better, and had an awesome day at MK!

So glad it turned around
so quickly!

What a great story. I love that, when Disney goes the extra mile to make the magic happen!

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