A 10 is not necessarily a 10

A 10 was predicted for USF for 12/23 and 12/24. It wasn’t that bad except for Diagon Alley, where all the little wizards want to try out their wands. Also Hogsmead in IOA was also a bottleneck. And even those the two areas were crowded, they could have been worse.


I guess the Hogsmeade, with all its nice snow topped buildings, is the place to be at this time of year.
Sounds good.

Keep in mind that CLs are not actually measures of crowds, per se. They are a measurement of wait times across key rides during the busiest hours. While this correlates to actual crowds, you could have completely empty pathways but still be a 10 because everyone is waiting in (long) lines.

Having said that, the crowd predictions and even wait times have been much less accurate lately due to the dynamically changing nature of the situation at the parks.

I’m seeing that Touring Plans predicted an 8 for the 23rd and a 9 for the 24th at USF. (But actual crowd levels were a 10 though)

Great to hear the crowds were manageable!

P.S. Welcome!!

I was there last week and it said that IoA was a 6 one day and it was absolutely a 9 or 10.

Hogsmeade was bursting at the seams when we were there in May. It’s just a popular area with not much space. Makes me wonder how different a 10 is from whatever I experienced.

I try to go to those areas at rope drop and at night. Avoid midday like the plague

Nowhere else is ever as crowded as WWOHP

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We were at IOA the 24th and USF the 25th and maybe it’s just because we don’t have as much experience in those parks but I absolutely have seen worse. CL said 5/10 for IOA that day and I think it got busier than that probably more like a 7 but then USF said it was going to be a 9/10 and the first half of the day it was maybe a 5. As day went on it got busier when we left at dinner time it was maybe an 8.