9pm ADR at BOG and Wishes

So I just snagged a 9pm ADR at BOG for late April. This is our night to watch Wishes at 9pm. What are the chances we can watch the show and arrive late for our reservation without them charging us? Basically just grabbed this to get dessert and a chance to see Beast. Thoughts?

I’m thinking not great. But, it’s Disney so they may let it slide. You probably won’t get over to BOG until 9:20ish unless you decide to watch Wishes from New Fantasyland (which is an awesome perspective).

Is 9:00 the latest seating? Maybe you could change it to 9:15 and get there a little closer to your reserved time?

I just wonder how many others do the same thing and there ends up being dozens of people jamming BOG at the same time.

9pm was the only reservation that showed up. Are my chances of getting a later one better if I actually call? Evening EMH are scheduled for that night. I just jumped at the first opening I saw. Probably cancel if I can’t get some wiggle room on the time. Wishes is the priority and from the front of the castle, since this is the first trip for my girls.