Will we be granted early access to MK with a 9am ADR at BOG? Would we be able to ride 7dmt before we eat?


What time does the park open?? I have never seen it later than 9!

9am is not PPO. I would say no to 7dmt. Main Street is open 8-9am, but I don’t think they are going to let you back to BOG until the park opens.


Sorry, I guess I shouldn’t have said PPO… but I am trying to understand if anyone has experience getting into the park with the ADR folks earlier than RD due to their 9am reservation. I get that it’s not technically before opening but to get there the 15 min in advance it would be before opening… I read somewhere about someone riding before an ADR I think at Epcot. Thanks!

EP generally opens before 9am, but MK doesn’t because they have the welcome show and the ropes don’t drop until it’s over.

How about an 8:50 ADR? Could you ride SDMT and then go to eat?

But would they let you through before official RD to head to BOG with a 9:00 ADR, then you could be poised for 7DMT at exact RD and ahead of the crowd, and then be 10 min late to BOG ADR? I never do breakfast on a park day but just wondering for OP

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Yes @momfourmonkeys exactly what I am asking, thanks!

They won’t let you in early in my experience.

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