90 day FastPass Window

We’re booked at the Dolphin with Alcove Suites with a connecting King room. I’m told on the DISBoards that qualifies as “club level” - meaning we can get our FastPasses 90 days in advance. (I’m also told that it’s a good idea to call a certain number to be sure we’re set up correctly in the MDE app)

But that’s not my question - what I’d like is to have the reminder built in my Touring Plans information. Right now it’s set for the 60 day window. Anyone know how to have that switched?

If you have a room booked that qualifies for the CL FPs, you have to call Disney Signature Services and book the CL “package”. I wouldn’t rely on DSS calling you to offer you the chance to purchase.

Your Club Level FPs can be booked at 90 days from your club level check-out date. But they need to be booked by DSS, who will also book your regular FPs for those days.

Some people have got calls from DSS before their 90 day window opens, others have had to contact them.

I don’t know of a way to set a reminder in your TP dashboard though, sorry.

To clarify, you can only book your regular fastpasses 90 days out if you also purchase club level fastpasses for those days. If you don’t buy the club level fastpasses then 60 days is the window.

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Not sure how to set 90 day on TP. Definitely call sig services and get the ball rolling early though… extra costs per day for the 90 day FP (you get 6 FP per day).

I found a free app that is a countdown app and set it up that way. I couldn’t figure it out here either.