9:15 Grinch Breakfast Tickets (3) 12-2-23

We will not make it to the breakfast this morning. I haven’t picked up the tickets yet but I think I can. Does anyone want 3 tickets? You will have to get them at Portofino from me or possibly from a location at the resort?

Hope everything is okay!

Thanks! DIL can’t stop vomiting and none of us have slept in over 24 hours. We just want her to get help.


I’m so sorry :pensive:

Oh no. That bug has been going around here. Try telemed and maybe they can rx some zofran? Or an urgent care can do IV if she can’t swallow a pill rn?

Thanks! We have been at the emergency room for a couple of hours. This has happened before.


Oh I’m glad. Hope you all get some rest and relief soon.

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Ugh! I hope she starts to feel better soon and can get back to the festivities!

Today is completely off the table. We have dinner booked at 5pm (waiting until later to cancel) and the OI event is not looking good.

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I’m sorry!!

Fingers crossed for a rally. This is almost a carbon copy of our Dad and Son OI meet a couple of years ago.


Thanks! I am hoping to save a little of tonight.


Sorry to hear she’s having such trouble. I hope things work out, and she feels better soon.

How awful! I’m sure you have it all under control, but I am on-site if I can help!!

OH NO! I hope DIL is doing better now!!!

Hope everything is working out and DIL feels better!!