9:15 Akershus Reservation Logistics

Hi Everyone!
It’s me again with another weird question.
My MIL has mobility issues and is so far refusing to use a wheelchair. If she is in a wheelchair, we won’t have an issue.
My concern is that if she is insisting on walking, we will NEVER make it to Norway in 15 minutes.
Do any of you know of they let people start heading to Norway early if they have a 9:15 reservation? Do you think the cast members will be sympathetic to my plight?
(P.S. I am still working on moving the reservation to 9:30 and or the wheelchair)

Gates should open to everyone for Rope Drop at 8:45 so you should have half an hour to make a 9:15 ADR. 'Course you’ll also be amidst the Rope Drop crowd which may be less than ideal for someone with mobility issues. And frankly if you’re 15 minutes late for your ADR it’s not like they’ll turn you away so you have a fair amount of wiggle room already. And FWIW, most people here recommend scooters over wheel chairs, especially for Epcot, as it’s a long way to push…

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Thanks! That makes me feel less nervous if I can’t push it back. She would be a hazard with a scooter, lol.

You can also have 1 in your party zoom ahead to Akershus and let them know the whole party is on their way…then they know you will be showing up.

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