8pm Closing?

I am doing a little pre-planning well in advance for a possible trip to DLR in February 2016. I used TP for my recent trip to WDW, and this is the first time using it for DLR.

Is it really true that both parks actually close as early as 8 pm during the non-peak days in February?

If so, are the low CL days (2 and 3) a good trade-off for the early closure times? Or would it be better to go on a 5-7 day when the parks close at 10 to 12 pm?

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Low attendance beats long hours any day @RobertSch6! You can walk onto anything, ride multiple times… Enjoy the low crowds!

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Thanks for your input, @quicha. I will take that into consideration.

After posting my question I read somewhere on the site something that indicated that it is difficult to get to everything when the park closes early even when the attendance is low. But we’ll most likely be getting a five-day park hopper ticket, so I wouldn’t think this should be a problem.

My only remaining concern is that sometimes they don’t do the night shows when they close early, which would be disappointing.

Oh well. I still have plenty of time to mull it over.

You can plan it so you have 1-2 weekend days for the full package of entertainment, then have the lower attended days during the week for the remainder.

That’s a great idea! Maybe I can get the best of both worlds. Thanks. :grinning:

If you can do that, I agree that’s the best option. Sometimes certain attractions (such as Sailing Ship Colombia) only operate on the weekend, too, in addition to the evening shows. I think World of Color is pretty much every night unless undergoing maintenance but Fantasmic and seasonal fireworks are Friday through Sunday during low season.

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