8am BOG Reservation and 7DMT + Peter Pan

I have a 8:00 am reservation at BOG and plan to immediately ride 7DMT and Peter Pan afterwards.

What time should I be out of BOG to be in line at 7DMT before the normal rush? Have things changed with the updated opening procedure and show?

What’s a good estimate for how when I’d be finished riding 7DMT and Peter Pan? The TouringPlans optimizer thinks I’ll be finished with both of those at ~10am but presumably it’ll be much sooner… I’m trying to determine how soon to start scheduling FastPass+…

For reference, MK is expected to be a “6” on the Sunday I’m going.

I would be line line at MK shortly after 7:30. If you preorder you should be in line for 7DMT somewhere around 8:30. Most likely you will join the PP as the rope drop crowd is entering but your wait should be less than 20 minutes- getting you off the ride before 9:30.

What time do they release the horde queued up in front of the castle watching “Let the Magic Begin” into Fantasyland?

As soon as the show finishes they will drop the ropes and let the stampede begin!

According to https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/entertainment/magic-kingdom/magic-kingdom-welcome/ the show starts at 8:55am - is it every early?

@PrincipalTinker If not, what’s the point of getting to 7DMT around 8:30?

They let the breakfast crowd on the ride before they open the park.