80lbs 7 year old - stroller options?

Going in April - my mom, me, my husband, and 2 kids - 7 and 5. I know we will want a stroller at times, especially for the 7 year old as she tires much more quickly than my 5 year old son (man, I wish I could bottle 5 year old boy energy!!!). 7 year old is 80lbs, 5 year old is just under 40lbs. Most double strollers have a 100lbs weight limit. I can get a special needs stroller that goes up to 125lbs and then a single for my son.

Suggestions??? What do I rent??? double and be over the weight limit? 2 singles???

Thank you!!

We use the double Bob for my two kids - 7 & 5 and they are 125 combined, no problem for the stroller. Just did it last night around MK!

We use the City Mini Double Stroller. We use it mostly for our DD6, but our DD9 will jump into it a lot too… :slight_smile:

They are both in the lighter side, but the weight holds well.

The Liberty Special Needs Stroller is huge and cumbersome to push. Its more designed for teenagers/adults. It is also a b!tch to fold.
If you go that route i suggest the Summit X3 single for your older child. Its more comfortable and a LOT easier to push. I have used it for my son in WDW before he got his custom stroller/wheelchair hybrid.

Same. From kingdom strollers.

We use a sit/stand double for our kids (almost exactly same ages and weights as your kids). It is kind of a beast when fully loaded with both of them, but the jump seat works better for DD7 as she is really tall and would drag her feet off the front otherwise. Helps to have someone to move the front around for tight turns, but the front/back style doubles are skinny enough to get through all doors, the roped lane on the dock, etc without folding or going around. My BFF uses the citi mini side by side like others have mentioned and it works well for her 3 kids. It totally carries more than the weight limit states.

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My 10 and 7 year olds (probably 150lbs combined) sat on top of each other in a WDW single stroller :joy:

We rented it for the younger one, but of course, the older one got jealous and wanted to rest her feet occasionally. We also had a double stroller on one day and they were able to fit in it. It was surprisingly easy to push too. So if you are considering the park strollers, I think you’ll be fine.