805 CRT reservation

Hi everyone, so I was able to book a reservation for CRT at 805 on 4/30 with help of reservation finder for one of our MK days. I was initially planning on doing EMM but it wasnt available that day. I was wondering does the early reservation at CRT offer any advantage to getting on rides before the crowds converge on Fantasyland. I’m not sure it it’s worth the two dining plan credits. I know my 5 yr old daughter would love the princesses but my son could probably take or leave it and we have 1900 Parkfare booked for dinner that day as well.

It definitely offers an advantage, especially on a non-EMM day. I highly recommend the PPO BOG. Pre-order your food, and if you are out of the castle about 8:40-8:45 you are likely to get on SDD before the park opens, or at the very least you will be ahead of the RD crowd. I have not tested this for PPF or the other FL rides, but I would imagine it would be the same.

Regarding the dining credits… you do not have to use any at all, or you guys could share a meal. You could pay cash or CC for a single drink or grey stuff if you would prefer. If you decide to split a meal, the entree will be accompanied by a plate of pastries, so I think it would probably be enough for a family of 3 (if the kids are younger). I would definitely recommend the grey stuff, though…since it’s the only place in the park you can get it, and it is (indeed) delicious.

If you do pre-order, you will skip a secondary line inside the castle. Sometimes they try and direct everyone to the right as you enter the castle, but just make sure they know when you enter the castle that you pre-ordered.

Thanks for the advice! I actually did book an 0805 reservation for Be our Guest on another day, definitely going to preorder

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