8 seat Van Rental?

Enterprise rents 8 seat vans, but they’re all gone :frowning: Do you know of anyone else that rents 8 seat vehicles?

We’re trying to save on parking fees by only parking 1 car at the parks even though there will be 2 cars at the rental house (inlaws are driving their small car).

We will have 5 adults and 2 kids in carseats (diono radians). I wanted to rent an 8 seat van like a toyota sienna, but when I look at the rental car comparison sites, they only rent 7 seat vehicles. I was hoping to put 2 adults in front 2 adults in the middle and 1 adult + 2 carseats squeezed into 3rd row.

ideas on where to look?

Alamo shows 8 seat premium suv and up to 15 passenger vans. Try looking at prices thru autoslash but know they do charge extra for an additional driver

Hertz also has 15 seat vans