8 park days Jan 28-Feb 6. Genie+ or touring plan required?

Hey everyone, my fiance and I are doing 8 days at the parks (with park hopper, but approx 2 days each) Jan 28 - Feb 6 (including 2 break days). We used Genie+ for a day at Disneyland last year and did not have the greatest experience. We’re also feeling a bit exhausted by the idea of following a very specific ‘itinerary’ each day, we mostly prefer to just wander and explore. We were really hoping this would be “off-season” enough to be able to do this.

According to TouringPlans Crowd Calendar, most days are a “5” level crowds. Do you think 2 days in each park is enough to get on most attractions? Maybe 2.5 in MK? Or are we setting ourselves up for failure here? Haven’t been to WDW for 20 years, so any help is appreciated.

We’re also considering adding one of those “After Hours” at MK to get more ride-time (suuuuuper expensive tho), and/or using the Standby Skipper to hopefully make Genie+ less miserable, but we’re on the fence about those.


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That’s a great time to go, with lowerish crowd levels. With 8 parks days, I think you can get through most, if not all, things you want to do without the need for G+.

I do think it is work making touring plans for each day just to get an idea of what your day should look like. You don’t necessarily need to follow it exactly, but it can give you insight, ahead of time, of what to prioritize when. That’s typically what we have done. I make various plans well ahead of time, but when we are actually there, we sort of play it by ear…but informed by the plans I had made.

It is also good to make plans so that you can know, for example, which days to rope drop which rides…and which rides to pay for ILL. (Paying for ILL isn’t necessary…but it can make it more relaxing, for example, to know you will get on GOTG.)

Have fun!

I think two days in each park will absolutely get you to the vast majority of things there are to see and do!

While I don’t think you ever have to follow any touring plan to the letter, I think it’s always a good idea to create them if for no other reason than to get a sense of what you will be able to enjoy in the time you want to give each park each day.

I certainly think with that many park days you can easily enjoy almost everything without the added cost or mental space required by G+. You’ll wait in lines, but with the right touring plans those lines don’t all have to be crazy long.

I do think it’s worth it to get an ILL$ for those attractions that offer it, just because of the control it gives you over the return times for those things. Make that your splurge.

And, I already responded to your inquiry about After Hours. Loved it, and highly recommend it - at least in its pre-Covid state (and hard ticket events - except Jollywood’s debut night - have for the most part been better post-Covid than pre-).

Also? I hope you have some resort days. 8 days in a row is, IMO, not a fun way to tour at least if you’re going hard each day. 8 days in a row of partial days is better. 8 days broken up with some rest days about every 2-3 days is ideal

You will have plenty of time to do what you want in 8 days. I would suggest creating a touring plan, though, to maximize you time.

I’m a Disney cheapskate and have never bought G+ or an ILL, so I can say I would recommend it. If there is an ILL ride you absolutely have to go on, feel good about paying for one. Also keep up to date with those rides that require boarding groups.

Thanks so much for the reply, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hey there! Yes indeed, we’ve worked in 2 off days throughout, so it’s actually 10 days total.

Thanks for the advice! Still mulling over that After Hours thing… I’m sorta hoping we can wing it if we feel like we really need it, because I honestly dunno if we’ll have the energy halfway through our trip anyways haha, but I’m also guessing there’s a good chance it’ll sell out.

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Thanks! Yeah I was thinking if we don’t get a virtual queue for a ride one of the days, maybe then its worth getting the ILL just so we guarantee getting on that ride at least once.