8 days- which parks?

For our trip this fall we have 6 full days plus a half day each on arrival and departure days. Traveling with DD3, DD1, DH and my in-laws. Second trip for us, 1st for the inlaws since 2000.

Here is my thinking:
-MK: 2 full days + arrival and departure days
-HS- 1 day? I don’t think DD3 will ride SDD, so we only need FPP for TSMM. Kids loved all the shows last time, so maybe we should do 1.5 days?
-EP- 1 day, DH and I may hop here one night for a date to enjoy F&W
-AK- 2 days, one being shorter then go back and enjoy the pool. This was by far the kids’ favorite besides MK thanks to the Boneyard, shows, and animals.

This is a kid-focused trip, so we will likely be skipping a lot of the bigger stuff. They are only little once and RS takes so long. FOP is the exception- we will do it twice!


I think that plan looks pretty solid for the ages of the kids!

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I am doing a partial day at HS. We don’t like Star Wars and my DD doesn’t like toy story either. I’ll go around lunch time and stay until after Fantasmic is over.

Are you doing a touring plan specific for each park?

Your dates overlap with mine right? And you’re staying BC?