8 Day Visit June 10-17

Hi all,

Feeling quite overwhelmed even though I’ve planned 4 previous trips to WDW! I’m an overplanner and its harder now that I’ve got one older boy (15) and 2 younger kids (DS 8, DD 3). Last time we visited, we only had 2 kids and the youngest was too young to care!

I’d like to visit each part for 2 days and spread them out (i.e. not go to the same park 2 days in a row). How would you approach this??

I’m thinking EP, DS, AK, MK for the first half of the trip but the crowd calendar and morning EMHs are really getting in my way for the other half of it, and making me uncertain for the first half too!! We want to do some morning EMHs but not all, and would (of course) prefer the slower parks.

What do you recommend???

I’d start with putting both days of AK in the second half of the trip if you want to ride FOP more than once, just because it’s so hard to get those fast passes (assuming you’re staying on-site, that is).

I think @Pod’s AK tip is great. I would try to space out the EMH and the late night shows. But for me, park order gets rearranged a lot. I’m constantly convincing myself to reorder our upcoming trip, so I don’t have any hard and fast rules.

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Wasn’t even factoring in FOP! But was thinking the same for DS to visit the new Toy Storyland. And yes, we are staying in AOA so will be getting the FPs ASAP the day they come available!

We def want to keep a MK day toward the end for the kids, so looks like our 2 EP days will be going toward the beginning. Any other advice?

We’re getting ready to go on our first trip so this is coming from a “haven’t done it yet” perspective, but what I’ve done is arrange our days so we have all four parks our first week, hitting three nighttime shows (ROL is at like 6:15, so it’s not super late and we’ll leave right after). Then the second week I have two MK days, 1 EP, and 1 AK. I put AK last because I’m not sure we’ll want two days there and this way we can feel free to change it to a different park if we want. I know I want two EP days and 3 MK days (my kids are younger), so that leaves us the flexibility to do 1 AK and 2 HS or 2 AK and 1 HS if we want to change.

And I wouldn’t worry too much about FOP, as long as you put your first AK day at least day 63 or so you should be able to get a FOP FPP…it might be later in the day, but people seem to get them at day 63 or 64.

I know the little one(s) wouldn’t go on FoP, but everyone else would probably enjoy it very much. It’s worth a rider switch for the older members of your party, or the 15 yo can do it alone.