8:30 ADR with 9:00 park opening

We have an 8:30 ADR at CP and the park opens at 9:00. Has anybody had luck showing up early for a morning ADR at CP at this time? My plan is to show up at 7:45 and hope to be seated at 8:05 with the first group?!? I can’t imagine they fill the entire restaurant in the morning (or do they?). There are only 2 of us.

I am stalking the reservation system and hoping for something earlier, but just in case…

You can certainly try. I think 2 would have a better chance than 4 or more. There are some smaller tables in and around.

I was able to score a small table for one at lunch with just a 15 minute wait in the summer.

in the meantime, keep checking MDE.

Worth a shot, especially with BoG breakfast taking some of the dining capacity

We just got back last week and had an 8:20 am ADR at CP on a day that MK opened at 8:00 am. They let us into the park sometime between 7:40 and 7:50. (Of course, I immediately had to take some pictures of the park with so few people around.) My first picture after we were seated is me with Piglet, and it is documented as being taken at exactly 8:20 am. I think they had seated us about 10 minutes before that. I imagine that, had I not “wasted” a few minutes to take pictures of the park, they would have seated us even earlier. I would say, if you can’t book an earlier time, show up early anyway, as they may be able to get you seated sooner than your ADR. Maybe others with the earlier times will be late too.

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