8:30 ADR for BOG

  1. Will we be allowed to enter the parks as soon as 8:00 ADRs?
  2. Will we be “seated” immediately or will we have to wait until 8:30?

I will be pre-ordering.

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Yes you’ll be let in at 7.45 and they almost always seat in order of arrival, though there is the odd report now and then that people have been told they’re too early.


Last week it was like suggested… let us in at 7:45. I did have an 8 AM ADR and another at like 8:15 AM I think. Waited in line at BOG by order of arrival… pre-order people were on left side, non-preorder on right. Preorders got in first. I did see one family who sat outside both lines, said they were waiting around to get in line because they came too early… didn’t get exact time they were scheduled for. You basically have time for one 7DMT, and then a couple of Fantasy land rides before it gets too nuts. One day we tried for Tomorroland Speedway after 7DMT, but the wait was like 15 minutes… too long. The other day we ran to BTMRR after 7DMT, and the way was right under 20 minutes. Both days were CL 10 (predicted 7 or 8 but turned into 10s).


Good info, thanks!