8:30 ADR @ BOG 9am opening at MK; Monorail running?

We’re staying at the Contemporary. I’m trying to figure out approximately when the Monorail will begin running, so I can determine if we’ll be able to take it to get to our breakfast.

MDE says that it opens 30 minutes before “first park opening.” On 11/4 AK has EMH from 8-9am, but all official park openings are 9am. So is your best guess that the monorail will begin running at 7:30 (first park opening is the EMH) or 8:30 (it’s not)?

Also, on a separate note, are the Monorails still shutting down one hour after regular park close, so that we should plan on not being able to use them on Saturday evening if we stay for the MK EMH then?

This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but we chose the CR because of the Monorail because of long term ankle issues on my part (broke it in 2013, surgery in 2014, additional boot time this year due to cyst, just released from “overview” but continuing PT and building walking regime) to reduce walking outside of the parks. So I need to know if I’m potentially going to need to put in an additional half mile on that second morning to get to the park (and prepare for it in my training), and again on the last evening to get home (although that will be less of an issue, as we’ll be leaving the next morning).

Thanks as always for your help.

EMH are regular park hours for onsite stays. The monorail is closed overnight a couple of nights a week. What day of the week is this?

11/4 is a Friday (for the ADR)
11/5 a Saturday

PS - Thanks :slight_smile:

I always use this link for monorail times. If I am reading this right the monorail will start at 6:30 so you are good!


It lists various maintenance closures that don’t finish till 8:30/9am, do you know if this happens all year round please?

They have been rotating closures. In April and in September I believe this schedule was pretty much the same. The monorail was closed from the TTC to MK (ferry is running) while the resort monorail was running. Also when the resort monorail was shut down larger boats are used to transport from MK to the resorts.


Due to various maintenance issues, the mono schedule has been kind of screwy. You may not be able to find a “definitive” answer to this until a couple of weeks before the trip. Also, if there are t-storms in the area that AM, the mono may not be running.


Monorail functionality at the parks over last couple days while here spotty. Have been on monorails where maintenance issues and stuck…or in one behind a monorail with issues ( so can’t move or disembark). Felt unreliable if on a schedule and trusted walking from contemporary better. Ultimately think of more as a ride than a well oiled machine.

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Good to know. Thank you. Have you taken/tried buses or boats either to/from?