8:20 v. 10:40 Tusker House reservation

I have two TH reservations for our Animal Kingdom day- 8:20 and 10:40. If we arrive at 8 for the 8:20 resy will we be seated at 8? Or will we end up behind the rope drop crowd? I’ve heard on some podcasts that TH frequently runs behind. We have FoP FP+s; therefore, we were planning on RD’ing EE.

On the other hand, eating early will allow us to see an earlier Lion King show and get more done during park hours. Thanks in advance for any insight!

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You’ll be seated pretty soon after you arrive but you’ll be behind the RD crowd.

Take the 10:40. Enjoy the low(er) crowd touring of the first hours of the park being open and grab a late breakfast to fuel the rest of the day. If you’re lucky you’ll even get some lunch stuff


Agreed with the later res. I’d treat it like brunch and make that the big meal of the day. I liked Tusker House breakfast a lot, but it’s not a fast meal.


10:40 time is great!! We did that and by the time we came to Tusker House, we had done Navi river (at rd), Expedition Everest x3, and Dinosaur. We could have probably for another attraction in if we had moved a little faster. You’ll get all the breakfast items as well as all the lunch for the price of breakfast. Enjoy!!


The 10:40 reservation is great! We loved the breakfast and it is a perfect break after rope dropping AK. The character interactions was great. I think you would feel really rushed if you did the early reservation. It is a great meal to relax and take a break.

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Thanks all! I’ll keep the 10:40.

I see you’ve made your choice but I’m joining in to say we had a 10:30 a few weeks ago and it was perfect - we met Russel and Dug, had some pretzels, did Safari and the jungle trail, and then headed over and it was a nice break.