8:05 Crystal Palace Breakfast Res, still need FPP for A&E?

So I got an 8:05 breakfast res at Crystal Palace, and since it’s a buffet, I’m assuming we’ll be done in plenty of time for rope drop at 9. Is that a reasonable expectation? And if that’s the case, should I be able to get to Anna and Elsa meet n greet with pre-rope drop line, or should I still try to get a FPP for them for that day? I’m looking at a projected crowd level 7 day on a Saturday at the end of July.


Whether you will be done in time or not depends on how fast your family will eat and whether or not you will want to wait for all of the characters to come around to your table. Typically an hour is the minimum time we take at CP but usually closer to 90 minutes.

They will hold by the restaurant until the park opens. You can probably be a little ahead of the main herd. If A&E are really important I would get the FP, just in case. If you get over there and see that it’s a short standby you can always change it to something else while you wait for them.

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I think if you can a FP for A&E you take the FP and be thankful that you were one of the lucky ones to get one! :smile:

My experience last August was that, with an 8:00 AM, we left at 9:10…and that was with skipping Pooh. With each passing minute, I was growing more antsy, as I could see the hordes rushing in on Main Street and I felt like we were losing time. Now, the kids didn’t care that much about Pooh, so it didn’t matter to them that we left early. It did bother me, because I felt the character handlers were doing a poor job. I’d just be aware of what you’re willing to sacrifice - the characters (potentially) or those first few uncrowded moments in the park.
As it happens, the first place I went after I left Crystal Palace was past A&E, and I believe the posted wait was 60 minutes. Get the FP if you can, a little insurance goes a long way.

If A&E are important to you, I’d get the FP. Better safe than sorry! You could even get it for early in the day with the hopes of adding a fourth FP later.

That’s really helpful! Thank you! TP suggested there’d be a 55 minute wait at 9am, which rope drop that day, but I wasn’t skeptical. Guess I shouldn’t be! :slight_smile:

And this is my first character buffet. I guess I need to figure in extra time for the characters I wasn’t expecting. I’m doing a breakfast at Tusker House, too, so that’s good to know.

Thanks, everyone. I guess I’ll go ahead and try to get the A&E FP, and hopefully I’ll get there and not need it. I appreciate all the input!

We are here this week, during a crowd level of 10 each day. The park opened at 8 and our reservation was at 7. We were at the security line at ~6:40 before they even started checking bags. We didn’t rush, and saw all the characters, and were out of the restaurant by 7:45.

The RD crowd didn’t make it up to Fantasyland until after 7:50, so it was enough time to walk over to 7DMT with no wait, and again, we did not run. We could have easily waited on line for A&E, too.

Like the previous posters suggested, get a FP+ just in case you breakfast runs late, then you can switch it to something else if you don’t use it.

Just make sure you are early to check in at security, and one of the first in line to be seated for breakfast.

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