8:00 RD at MK

My MK hours were just extended from a previous 9-10 to 8-11. I expected the later hours based on last year’s schedule but not the earlier open. Not complaining though–more park time. I’ve done normal RD at MK where they let you into Main Street at 8 and opening show is at 8:55 and I’ve done EMH at 8 where they let you in to the attractions at 8 and opening show is at 8:55. What is the process for regular 8:00 am open?

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I’m not sure about the show time, but for 8AM open I believe they let you in about 15 minutes before.

And the show will be at 7:55 ish.

OY that is early! I saw the adjusted opening hours from 9am to 8am – my friend wants to RD Peter Pan, but this is making it much harder to actually accomplish… an 8am opening is early:persevere:

I attempted to plan all days to avoid early openings/EMH but nope (and they added EMM to my HS day too).
No sleep at Disney!

It’s true! I usually love sleeping a lot on vacations, but there’s something about being at Disney that makes me go, “Nah, I’ll sleep when I’m home.” Still, when the alarm goes off earlier than it does on a normal work day – that can be… challenging.


We RD PP on Easter 2018 for a 8am opening. Honestly wasn’t that bad. Have a cute pic of my DD in front of the castle at 7:51 and no one is in the pic. We got to TTC about 7:15 I think. Walked won’t purpose to the left side of the castle to wait for PP. walked right on PP. you can sleep when you are dead! Lol