8:00 MK Park Opening Procedure? (not EMH)

Is the park opening the same on days that the official opening time is 8:00 (ie. held in hub pre-RD)? I thought I remembered reading somewhere long ago that it was different but I can’t find anything. Our planned day at MK recently had opening time changed to 8 (on a day we had made 8:00 PPO ADR at BOG, of course - which we have cancelled). :persevere:

And also, does RD still typically happen a little before official open time like it does with 9:00 opening?

Just curious what to expect. Thx!

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It’s the same. But I don’t think it happens earlier than posted time.

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Thank you, OBNurseNH!

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Always happy to help!

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I’ve been wondering the same thing, thanks for asking.
What time would you recommend getting to bag check for an 8am open? I’m also not entirely sure what time this means we should arrive for the boat that goes from WL to MK. We have FPs for the “important stuff” and I’m not entirely sure what we’ll be ripe dropping yet, but it’s our planned Fantasyland day. Maybe Haunted Mansion (I know it’s not FL, just trying to think of rides my DD is really wanting to ride)?

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I’ve just been wondeirng this as a first timer going in April.

Opening times appear to be 9;00am at MK etc.

What’s the best advice for time arrival? Considering we are 25 minute drive away in villa. How long should be arrive before park opening to go through bag check sercurity and ready for rope drop?


I believe we got to the TTC between 7-7:15 for an 8am opening. I have a picture of my daughter in front of the castle (right in front but off to the left side slightly) at 7:51. We walked fast from when we were let in. I remember people getting in at 7:45 that had PPO reservations and we weren’t far behind.