7pm ADR - MNSSHP Night

Could I make a 7pm (or 6.40pm) ADR for a MK restaurant on a MNSSHP night? We don’t plan on attending the event but the way our planning falls it look like 1 of our MK days will be an MNSSHP night. I understand we wouldn’t be able to ride the rides but thought it would be a way to get a full day at MK, dine in park, and then take in some of the event specific atmosphere as we exit the park. Thanks!

7pm? No. Party starts at 7, and they do not allow anyone without party tickets to enter restaurants after the party starts. You’ll have to check the schedule of whichever restaurant you want to dine at, and make your reservations accordingly. Once party dates are announced, the “public” hours of each restaurant will be released, which will include the cutoff time for non-party diners. This past fall, the cutoff was 6:20pm for BoG, I think around 6pm for CRT, and I can’t remember the others. You don’t have to be finished eating when the party starts, but when you are done, you will be escorted out of the parks by a cast member. There is no “taking in even specific atmosphere”…they take special care to take you on a route that does not allow that. People are paying for that atmosphere. They don’t even allow you to stop for a restaurant break, and certainly no shopping.

Keep in mind that the system will allow anyone to make a reservation during the party. There is no way the system knows if you have a ticket or not at 180 or however many days. However, you WILL NOT be allowed to dine without a party ticket.

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I believe you could make ADRs at the restaurants that are not open during the party which were LTT and Tony’s. I am not sure if Skippers fell into that category as well. I do not know if they took reservations all the way until 7:00. I would plan to leave MK and try to get a 7:30 'Ohana and watch the fireworks from the Poly.

Based on my experience on my last trip, you couldn’t pay me to be in the MK past 6:00 on a party night if I wasn’t staying for the party. Actually I would plan on leaving between 4:00 and 4:30. The crowd overlap between day guests and party guests is horrible; the worst I’ve ever experienced at the MK.

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Your ADR e-mail confirmation will state that you need a party ticket for the adr to be honoured. Most places last non party seating was 6.20. After 6.59pm there is no entry to restrooms, shops or any catering facility unless you have a party ticket. They sweep the park and restrooms etc. They also fine you the $10 per person for a no show if you are refused due to lack of ticket. Believe they use exit routes avoiding main street/character interactions where they can so you don’t get to see anything.

Here’s my advice (did this last time we were there)- get on a ride at 6:55 in the back of the park- I recommend either Splash Mountain or Big Thunder. By the time you get off, the party will have started and you will be “behind the ropes”. You are not going to be allowed to do anything, but you can definitely linger and take your time leaving. You’ll be able to see all the Villian characters from afar, but it would be pretty challenging to make it to, say, the 8:30 parade. We even hung out on Main Street a bit, and got to shop. We also snagged Photopass pictures with the Party-specific special effects!
Good luck!