7DMT without FP?

Hi all,

Is it possible to do 7DMT and Peter Pan without FP if we go immediately there at RD?

I’d like to save my FPs for the three Mountains. Also, I’m staying off-site so not sure whether I would get the FP for 7DMT anyway.

It’s EMM on our scheduled day and I’m aware that there will be lots of people with an ADR so already queuing for 7DMT by the time we get to the entrance of the ride.

Bearing all this in mind, is it possible?

Yes it’s possible but not without a wait. You could probably do them both by 10am but that depends on crowd level, whether you’re at the front or back of the crowd coming in etc.

Have you tried to do a personalised plan? That will give you a better idea.

Yes I did a plan but it keeps changing the order in which I want to do rides.

Crowd Level is a predicted 6.

I had planned to do 7DMT, PPF, Winnie and Under The Sea then start my first FP at 10:30ish for BTMR, second FP for Splash and third for Space, taking in other rides in the relevant lands to minimize walking but each time I optimize, it completely flips things and doesn’t use my FPs.

Might give it one more go but I thought if I can bypass FPs for 7DMT and PPF, I might maximise my options for the Mountains.

Plan making tip that worked for me:

Hit optimize (which should give you the shortest amount of wait times compared to what you’ve set for walking etc).

Take a screen shot or print. Then reorganize to your preferred order. Hit evaluate and it will show you the wait times etc without changing your order.

Compare away and decide what balance works for you.

This worked really well for me when I did my animal kingdom plan. Didn’t want any roller coaster or thrill rides after my dinner at tiffins. The evaluate function let me move things around and find the best balance between order and wait times.


Good advice. Thanks, will try.

Can I suggest you try to make a FP for either PP or 7DMT and head for one of the mountains first thing? The waits for Splash are likely lower in the morning than for either PP or the Mine Train at any time of day. Also, I’ve stayed off site and gotten 7DMT FPs, but I log on as soon as they open and try for that one first, then take whatever it gives me.

You say it’s an EMM for you? The lines will have filled out by the time you are allowed in, if that’s the case. Can you switch days?

You can copy a plan, there’s no need to screen shot it. But I agree that evaluating the order you want is a good idea. You can force the software to use your FP - there’s a tick box. But it does mean it might not be the most efficient touring.

I could check Weds 16th and Weds 23rd in terms of crowd levels and whether there’s EMH on that day.

Hope it doesn’t mess my schedule too much as we’re going for 3 weeks and doing the water parks, universal, Busch gardens as well as all th Disney parks (most parks were doing twice apart from Busch & Seaworld) and I’ve got some rest days in between just to chill a bit.

Can you please advise what time I should book a 7DMT FP if I head for Big Thunder & Splash first thing? Just trying to avoid unnecessary cross-crossing the park in the heat/humidity too.

You should book it whenever you can get it. But if you have a choice, I like early afternoon. Most rides are really busy at that time, so I try to do my FPs then and stand in the lower lines in the morning. But we don’t stay for the evening.

In my opinion, though, you can massage your plan around that FP if you don’t get your first choice.

I’ve had an 8:40 once and another time a 4:10. The first one, we did Space Mountain, Busz Lightyear and BTM before heading over to our Mine Train FP between 8:40 and 9:40. For the 4:10 FP, we just made that ride the second last or last ride of our day. Maybe we backtracked, but it was worth it to fit that ride in that way.

Thanks for the advice. As we can only book 30 days out I’ll take whatever time slot offered (if any!)

With 3 weeks you’ve got so much flexibility. We never do full rest days, only half days, and we have so much time to do everything in 2 weeks - admittedly we won’t be doing Busch Gardens again because it terrifies me driving on the wrong side of the road, and probably not SW either as DH is morally opposed (though DS and I love the coasters!). But we do 3-4 days at Universal. Still had 2 rest mornings and 2 rest afternoons, and quite a few early nights.

If you don’t get 7DMT at 30 days, keep trying as they do come up when people change their plans, even on the same day.

Hah… for a second, I thought you meant DH was morally opposed to Star Wars! You meant SeaWorld, right? lol.

Hahaha! Yes, Seaworld. He is mad about Star Wars.

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