7DMT Wait time anomoly?

I have my TPs set up for my upcoming trip yet I can’t stop looking at them and tweaking. Anyway on the morning we plan to ride 7DMT we’re going to be there at 7AM for the EMH but TP has us waiting for about 90 minutes before hitting the ride with only a 12 min wait time. I thought that seemed low and then I went and looked at the wait time graph projections for that day here: http://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom/attractions/seven-dwarfs-mine-train/wait-times/date/2015-04-08 and just can’t help but question the precipitous drop at 8AM.

So I guess my question is how accurate can I expect projected wait times to be and what might be the explanation for the comparatively low wait times during that 45 minute window right after the park opens for the masses.


Some one else asked about this recently and I can see that being close for two reasons:

  1. not a lot of people will be there for a 7AM EMH, but what will causes that spike at RD
  2. FP won’t open until 8, so it shouldn’t back up as bad if the full capacity is dedicated to stand by for most of that time, clearing off that initial rush.

A 74-minute wait time cleared that quickly?

I’m not one to question, but this seems… unlikely. Impossible even.
It’s not that fast-loading of a ride is it?

No way a 74-minute wait clears to 12 minutes in under 62 minutes,
even if not a single person gets in line behind the 74-minute waiter.
In the words of the immortal robot: “This does not compute.”
The projections are probably still based on a typical 8am opening.

Calling @len

I’m interested, but I bet this gets adjusted.
Nice catch.

Also, while my 7am RD experience is all pre-7DMT, and I’m loathe to dispute TP on their numbers, my 7am RD experience is that nothing gets anywhere near even 30 minutes prior to 8am. In fact, with a smart TP, my 7am RD experience had me doing everything walk-on during Easter week for a good 2-3 hours.

Granted, 7DMT is still the beast, but… 74 minutes < 7:45am?
I guess that’s possible.
If true. then that makes everything else even more “walk-on” than before! :slight_smile:

Yeah, the spike to 74 min was as puzzling as the instant drop tbh.

Yeah, that’s odd. Let me ask @daybreaker to take a look at it.

We didn’t ride 7DMT when were there a few weeks ago because the TP had me going there around 10AM vice Rope Drop and I could not figure out in my head how that could work. I didn’t want to risk getting the kids excited so just didn’t discuss it with them. Maybe next time with a FP.