7DMT FP+ during fireworks?

Hi! First time poster : ) First trip in 10 years coming up in August and I’ve learned so much from all these posts! I have a question about whether it’s worth it to “save” a FP+ selection to use for 7DMT during the fireworks. I didn’t initially grab a FP+ for 7DMT because we are doing a PPO BOG (not an EMM day) and Villains After Hours on the same day, MK CL4 so I thought we’d have plenty of chances to ride. However, after reading various scenarios about how 7DMT varies after a BOG breakfast, I decided I don’t want that huge pressure of getting to 7DMT right at rope drop, and I really don’t want to use up an hour of our after hours time waiting for it. Yesterday I was able to grab a FP+ for 7DMT at 8:20 and I realized it could be an amazing time to ride and see the fireworks. (We are doing HEA a different night so don’t mind “missing” the fireworks, and in fact would love to time it to see them from the ride.) My question is whether or not this is a good strategy, or do you think the line would be short enough during fireworks to be able to ride standby? Having the 8:20pm FP+ obviously ties one up and prevents us from grabbing more earlier in the day, but we are planning to be out of the park by noon anyway so that we can rest up for the after hours, so that’s probably ok. I’d appreciate any suggestions about this, and especially any feedback about timing the ride during the fireworks.

(In actuality this is probably not even a dilemma…I think I’m just sad to be done with the plan so now I’m rethinking everything!) : )

With an 8:20 FPP for 7DMT you’ll probably be done in about 15 - 20 minutes. You should have time to see the fireworks if you aren’t picky about your viewing spot. Don’t forget you are allowed to enter the FPP queue five minutes early, so you can be done a couple minutes sooner.

I think OP wants to see them while they ride.

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Thank you! I should have clarified that I’d actually be waiting to enter the queue until about 8:55 or 9:00 so that the fireworks are going off overhead while we ride. So I guess what I’m wondering is if that experience would be SO COOL it would be worth giving up a FP+ in the morning?

I wouldn’t do it personally. It’s so easy to get extra FPs in MK, I would much prefer to have short waits all day than 2 mins watching fireworks from a ride.

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Thank you - that’s good advice. Now…I do have a slight dilemma. I can’t get a morning 7DMT. Should I dump it and pick up something else, and then just hope the rope drop works out for us to be able to ride? (We are traveling in a group of 19 but in a case like this my 4 will be ready to abandon everyone else and run for it!)

OIC …I love planning, but that’s more than even I want to try and map out. I have seen people on YouTube do it. IMHO I’d rather my attention be on one thing - either the fun of the ride or a show. I don’t think I’d fully enjoy either trying to combo it. GL!!


I’d dump it. You shouldn’t have any problems getting on 7DMT at RD, or even before RD. You’ll be first in the queue. Well, with other breakfasters.

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Thank you - it’s a good reality check and explains why I couldn’t find many other posts that referenced this topic! (It is interesting to me that the 7DMT FP works as such valuable currency, compared to the others. I just looked and could modify it for a morning POTC, PPF or HM; my other passes don’t give me options for those rides in the morning!)

thank you! I think the group of 19 is what makes me nervous, but I will make sure my family is ready to dash by 8:45 regardless of the others :slight_smile:

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Oh! I don’t think I saw that you had such a large group with you. :dizzy_face:

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Regarding the experience itself, I would say riding 7DMT during fireworks is very cool! I have done it once, not really intentionally. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time. As I recall, there were a couple of beautiful moments coming up a hill where the fireworks were framed perfectly overhead. But it was very brief (the ride is short, after all).

I wouldn’t go out of my way to make an experience out of this, or risk losing other FPP experiences in exchange. You could arrive with a bunch of others thinking the same thing and miss out on the fireworks window. Or you could be going up the hill right during a lull in the fireworks. Etc. Etc. Too much has to go right to make it worth it (and even if it does work out perfectly, it probably isn’t “worth it”).


Thank you! That sounds like a wonderful experience, but I can see you’re right about not trying to plan it! I just traded the 7DMT for a 9:45am PPF and will see what happens!

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