7DMT for a young one?

My DS will be 2 years 10 months when we are WDW and he LOVES the 7D show. He may just make the 38" height requirement. Is the 7DMT ride too intense for a 2, almost 3 year old? He’s been on a number of water slides several stories tall in the same tube as me and loved them. Have any of you taken young ones on the ride?

Try this video to see if it will be okay

My son had just turned 3 when we went last time. He is my daredevil child and loves LOVES rides. He rode 7DMT twice in a row. And wanted to go more. Though on the ride he looked a little scared - but I just put my arm around him and he was fine even let go and put his hands up once or twice. LOL! He made the height requirement just by a hair.

wanted to edit to say that by just turned 3 I mean he had just turned 3 2 weeks before our trip.

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Our DS will be 2.5 when we go. He’s tall, but I’m not trying it! That ride was rough.

I’d like to second the prior responses, but add that you may want to request a seat in the front. Not only does it help to see where you are going, the cars do not swing as dramatically as they do in the back (because physics).

Thank you all. I showed him the video and his only concern was that the evil queen/witch scared him. I asked if I could cover his eyes when we passed the witch so he couldn’t see her and he said, “you will ride with me?” What was he thinking?!?!?!