7DMT at Rope Drop or FPP

My fastpass window opens tonight and I'm debating what to do in MK. If I can get a FPP for 7DMT, do I do it? Or would it be better to try to head there right at rope drop during EMH? I have two young kids, so I expect we won't be the fastest at walking to the back of the park.
I'd hate to pick up fastpasses for other rides, and end up waiting at 7DMT for an hour, but if we can be middle-of-the-pack at rope drop and still have a decent wait, I'd prefer to do that. MK is only a crowd level of 3, which is promising.

What are your experiences with rope drop? Will we be disappointed?

Try making a PTP, set it to a slower walking speed, optimize it, and then see what it recommends for FPP selections.

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On a Sat in July (ie a very crowded level 9 day) we were getting off the ferry as they were letting people in MK. We were behind the RD crowd to say the least. We walked to 7DMT. Posted time was already 70 min, we only waited 25.

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Without running the numbers, ie making a TP like brk said, if you're too worried, get the fpp. Even with pod's 25 minute wait, that's a lot of time for quick touring in the morning. That way it is guaranteed. If you are slow to get rolling in the morning, you don't have to worry.

Thanks for the advice, folks. I've probably got 3 or 4 TPs already, and it's not clear to me what's better. I think I'm going to look for a FP, but if there isn't one at the ideal time, I'll skip it and just deal with the rope drop.

FPP definitely. Or, RD on an am EMH so you aren't behind the breakfast pre-RDrs.

You can really make hay in that EMH in the morning. Buzz, Peter Pan are great EMH morning options. Especially on a 3 day. See what your TP says. I would think FPP 7DMT mid morning could make sense.

I would RD. Peter Pan is where the wait will be.

I had the same question, but because 7DMT is a top priority for me, I plan on doing it with FPP, and using RD to catch other rides.

I am of the same opinion as @bswan26. We are using FPP for 7DMT at a mid-morning time slot....I have heard lots of occasions where it is down, so at least if you have a FPP for it, you still have a shot later on. If you go at RD, and it's down, you could be out of luck ! Just my thoughts. smiley

Of all the possible RD attractions, it's 7DMT for me. One of the few attractions with constantly high waits all day. PP is a low priority although I can understand why some would head that way.

I managed to score a mid-morning FP, so I've rearranged our touring plan a bit. As others have said, it'll just be safer this way. If the ride is down, or we're slow getting there, we don't risk such a long wait. It means some of the other rides will have a longer wait than I planned (Enchanted Tales), but it's easier to stomach and plan around a 20 minute wait than a 70 minute wait.

Thanks for all the advice!

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There are frequent, recent comments on Chat that 7DMT is rarely if ever open at RD, and often opens an hour later. Might want to figure that into your plans (get the FPP!)

Interested. Do people have any idea why it isn't open at opening?

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Can you do it during PM EMH? Every time I ever rode it was with FPP until last week. We hit it at about midnight and the posted wait time was 60 minutes. I did an actual wait time on the app and I think it was something around 20. It was the first time I experienced the queue, which is a lot of fun. (More so than the actual ride, imo)