7am EMH

All our days at MK have been changed to 7am EMH. We are a couple of weeks out and WDW must be expecting huge crowds. What time do we need to be at MK for 7am EMH? Not sure we are going to make it before 7am. Will we miss the window for short waits?

I’d assume you’ll miss a fantastic opportunity if you can’t make it. It’s early, sure, but ppl who understand how awesome it can be will take no chances, and make it a priority. It’s easy for me to say that, because we are early risers. 7am emh for us? No big deal. Worth every penny when you think about how much you are paying. You can also assume that the rope drop crowd will be lighter as well, since plenty of ppl view it as a vacation, and only kinda try to get there early. I’m a “hardcore early, then relax when it’s hot out” kind of Disney-goer. I’d plan to be there at 6:30, and I would NOT rely on a Disney bus, either. I’d probably be planning on an Uber dropping me off at the Contemp no later than 6:30.


Agree with @seebee. Christmas 2015 our EMH were at 7 and we arrived by Uber at 6:30 and were gone from the park by 11 and rode 15 or so rides. At 11 it was becoming unbearable and swimming at hotel at noon was great and reflexively not crowded as everyone was going to parks!

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You have inspired me to get up and get moving! Uber is an excellent idea! Thanks again for the great feedback!

Definitely worth it to get up early! We did a last minute trip Easter 2015 and the 7am EMH was awesome. We were done and leaving the park for a break around 10:30 (we usually eat granola bars or some small portable snack early in the AM and then book a 10:30 or 11AM TS brunch). As we left hoards of people were coming in. My husband couldn’t believe how many rides we got in during that time frame at one of the most crowded times of the year to visit the parks.

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I’m also wondering about the 7 am EMH. We had planned to be in the park from 8 am until noon (our third FP starts at 11:40). If we go at 7 am, our TP doesn’t even use all of our FP and there is hardly a wait for anything.

I ran the original plan again, and there are still short lines in the 8-10 timeframe. So my question is: does this sound right to all of you? I mean, I’m okay with getting to the park at 6:30 if it’s going to make a significant difference in our wait times, but if it’s going to be fine at 8 am as well, I may just stick with the original plan. Maybe the bigger advantage to the earlier start would be getting to ride things multiple times, instead of just once?


LauraSueVt -
I would be there ready to get in the park at 7am if you can. Pictures in an empty park - your choice of what you’d like to do…again, easy for me to say, since we are an early rising family. The flip side of that is, we do NOT do late nights. To me, the extra hour advantages greatly outweigh the trouble of waking up earlier.

Our final day has 7am EMH and I was wondering the same thing… this is definitely encouraging me to go for it!!

It seems like I am probably travelling the same week as some of you. However, I noticed that TouringPlans is still estimating CL of 6 or 7 that week. Do we expect that to change, or do they often err on the low side?

Well done!
This is one reason staying on-site costs more. Use the benefits you are paying for if you can.