7am early entry - arrive by 5:45 am?!

We are going to DL next week.
Regular opening is 8 am. Early entry is 7 am.
Guidebook reads to arrive 1 hr 15 minutes before scheduled opening.

For Magic Morning (early entry) should we really arrive 1+ hours before 7 am, so like 5:45 am?!

Thank you from Colorado!

Are you staying in walking distance? The reason I ask is we went last summer and the stupid parking garage doesn’t even open as early as I would have liked to queue.

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Yes, staying at DisneyLand Hotel, so plan to walk over.

For early entry at 7am you can arrive at 30-45 min before-hand and be just fine. But all later openings, I would totally arrive at security 1 hr to 1 hr 15 min early.


I agree with @lolabear_la, 30 minutes is plenty for the 7 am entry. It does not tend to get as crowded as the later ee. A little trick that has worked for me if you are in need of caffeine, about 15 minutes before you leave, order your Starbucks online and then on your way to the gates, swing by and grab your order and have breakfast in line. Beats the cafe at DLH, which for us was either closed or too crowded at that time.