7 Dwarfs Mine Train with an almost 3 year old

Our son will be a month shy of 3 years old when we visit WDW. The thing is, he’s a big kid. He will definitely meet the 38 inch height requirement for mine train. I have heard that it is a pretty tame coaster and I’ve heard some call it a kiddie coaster. Would it be tame enough for a kid his age? Thanks!

My son was pretty close to his 3rd birthday in the summer. We didn’t think he was tall enough to ride and on the last day he asked if he could. We told him to stand by the height bar and he was tall enough. He loves the Barnstormer and we told him this was a little more intense. He rode it and loved it. We still had some rider swap FP’s from earlier in the trip and we ended up riding it about 2-3 more times after that. He laughed the entire time and we have some great photo pass pics because of it.

His only concern was the old hag at the end of the ride.

To some it is not tame. To me it is tame. But I am a roller coaster junkie. Even space mt is tame to me. But I love it.

Your son should be alright on it. Has he done any other coasters. If so he would probably lime 7dmt.

My daughter just turned six when we rode a few months ago. She was certainly tall enough, but hated it. But then again, I saw other six year olds that loved it. So it’s all about the individual kid. First thing is are they ALLOWED to ride it by height requirement? If so, then it’s up to you and your kid. I say, if they are tall enough, tell them it’ll be find. Don’t show any concern in your voice or body language. IMO, Let the kid decide for themselves if they hate it.

Also, if your son won’t get on, don’t forget about Child/Parent-Swap! That way you and your spouse can still experience it, and not have to wait in line twice!

Thanks! This would be his first coaster. We’ll do a couple of rides beforehand and ease him into it.

One thought would be to do the Barnstormer first - as it is aimed specifically at young children it is a great way to test the waters on something that he will be more comfortable with. Then it’s just a matter of “Wow, if you liked that you will really like 7DMT!”


Another thing we’ve done when there’s any question of whether our kids would like it was to go to Youtube. They have videos of many of the rides. It’s not the same as being there, but your DD or you might get a sense of whether its something you want to do.

It depends on the kid… but logically, if your son was timid, you’d likely not even be asking this question. So I’m guessing you think he can handle a tame ride, and it is quite tame. I think he’ll love it, and if you have MM, he’s REALLY going to love the video they will send you, including video of the two of you riding SDMT. My DD7 and I have replayed that video so many times, and we laugh every time.

I think he’s a little bit of a thrill seeker. No way to confirm yet but there are some behaviors that lead me to believe that he’ll enjoy thrill rides. He likes slides, doesn’t mind heights and likes being upside down. I know mine train doesn’t have any inversions but you guys get my drift. I did think about doing barnstormer first. But mine train almost looks like a smoother ride. Thanks for the helpful feedback so far.

My son rode it at 4 and loved it. It’s a favorite of both of my kids (now age 5 & 7) and the first they request when we are planning a new trip. I agree with the other posters - it really depends on the kid. My daughter hated barnstormer at 4 but loved it at 6 (SDMT wasn’t open when she was 4).

I find it tame. Personally I think Barnstormer is more intense than SDMT, but it’s only about 10 seconds long, lol.

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