7 days, 7 people, 4 parks + Universal 9/26-10/3 2020

Day 5 - We FINALLY made it to the Magic Kingdom!!!
Our original plan was to go on Day 1, Sunday. But Saturday when we looked at the Crowd Calendar we decided to wait until later in the week hoping for smaller crowds. Crowds were smaller, but definitely not as small as the “press” would have you believe.
We were there at opening and I have to say, their entrance program is not nearly as smooth and quick as the other parks. Small temperature checking tents and only one person in each tent caused a backlog just to get to the security entrance. We felt it was more crowded, compact and didn’t run as smoothly as the other parks.
Once you’re in be sure and turn around to the train station balcony to see ALL the characters waiving. It is quite impressive. We went straight to 7DMT and it was not operating. Had breakfast (see previous post) and 7DMT was still down so we jumped on Under the Sea. Long lines at Winnie and PPF. We definitely were opting out of Small World! We checked waits and headed to BTM. Not a walk on but the line was not too bad. Our plan was to go from there to SM, but of course, it was down. 7DMT still not running. Frustrated we climbed Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, SM still out so we opted for a sit down at Hall of Presidents. SM opened just as we got there, so very small line! It’s an inconic ride and soon to be changed forever. We took LOTS of pictures. FYI Gift shop is cleaned out. Next Pirates of Caribbean. That was a VERY long line. Exiting we saw Jack Sparrow on the porch of his house calling out to us. We had a great banter with him and took pictures (from a distance) We skipped the Jungle Cruise, Tom Sawyer and the Liberty Square Riverboat. I’ve always wanted to ride the Riverboat but am always out voted. We were read for lunch so walked to Tomorrowland (see previous post) After lunch it was easy to get on the Speedway, Carousel of Progress (another iconic must), Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain 2x. The only line was for Astro Orbiter so we opted out. The day was winding down and we still needed to ride 7DMT which is now operating but with a HUGE line. I think we stood in line for about an hour. It was so far back (because of social distancing) that the tweens left the line and rode the Tea Cups.
We spent the last bit of our time in the gift shop on Main Street. One of the best!
We caught the monorail to The Contemporary and then a bus to Disney Springs for dinner at T-Rex (see previous post for more on that). We felt we had covered all we wanted to cover at MK even though originally we had planned on a half day when we first arrived.
DAY 6 - Universal Studios
We had really thought about cancelling our reservations and having another slow day at MK. But Universal tickets are only refundable if you are staying on their property. UGH!
We had to Uber there and back which was very convenient but an added expense. All the wait times on the app looked to be very short, so we took our time in the morning and arrived a little while after opening. FYI you walk what seems like miles to get from the UBER drop off and parking lot to the main entrance. Once in the park we stopped at Minions, small line, but it wasn’t moving. We were stuck. Tweens left to ride some big red dropping roller coaster and when they came back we were told the ride was down and to come back later. We never made it back. We weren’t familiar with the park and the map on the app is hard to navigate. Paper maps are “for sale” Suggestion… study the map before you go and have a game plan. We wasted a lot of time wandering around. We rode Transformers, Men in Black and tried ET but it was down. We stopped at Harry Potter Escape (very long line) on the way to the Hogwarts Express (EXTREMELY long line). We’re not Harry Potter fans so we didn’t spend much time in “the land”. We rode the Jurassic Park River Ride. FYI you DEFINITELY get wet! They even had us take off our masks, knowing they would get drenched. Now we are on the wire for time and we definitely wanted to ride the Hulk, so we stood in line for about an hour or more. Definitely worth it! Best Roller Coaster EVER!!! It’s a shame the park closes so early, 6:00.
Universal Observations: Much more crowded than Disneyworld! Cast members squirt hand sanitizer in your hands before getting on every ride. Hand sanitizer stations are available at the exit of the ride. Social distancing markers are in the queues, but if the line gets outside the queues, there are not markings and SD is thrown to the wind. No barriers of plexi glass anywhere. Our opinion was Universal did not feel as safe and clean as Disneyworld.
DAY 7 - We had a half day before our flight. Since we were at AKL and AK opened at 8:00 on Saturday morning that’s what we chose. Awesome choice!!! We rode FofP 2x before there was a line, had breakfast, walked on EE, tried KRR again, bailed out when the line just wasn’t moving. Opted to stand in long line for EE again then walked onto Dinosaur had Mickey Bars and went back to Lodge to head home.
If venues everywhere would put into effect Disney’s safety protocols we could open up places all over the country. It was EXCELLENT! (except for the masks…I greatly disliked the masks :slight_smile:
Hope your next trip is as much fun as ours was.


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