7 day Base Ticket Question

Oh ye all knowing Liners–if I buy a 7 day Base Ticket can I use it to go to two different parks on the same day? Will we run into any problems? Chances are we would only want to go to two parks on one of our vacation days, which is why I don’t want to pay for the hopper option. TIA.

Unfortunately no, you must add the park hopper option to your base ticket in order to do that. It’s $60 dollars to add this option to a 7 day ticket and then you can visit all four parks in a day if you want to.


I think the question is can he use two “days” of his 7 day base ticket for two different parks on the same Calendar Day. I think the answer would be yes, although I have never done it. Personally, I think adding the $60 for the hopper is more cost effective - unless your trip is going to be less than 7 days ond one day would go “unused” anyway…

No he definitely can’t, he has to add park hoppers.

Thanks for all of the replies. I did more research and it looks like I definitely cannot use two days of my Base Passes on the same day. Bummer. Thought it might work!