7/11 month mark

How exactly do the 7 and 11 month marks work out for booking? It it based one dates even though months are different lengths? So for instance if it is Jan 5th and I want to book 11 months out, can I start booking on October 5th for a Home Resort? What about if it’s Jan 31st and I want to book Dec 1st? Do I have to wait until Feb 1st to book?

Yes, it’s by the date.

For the 1st of Dec, you can book on the 1st of Jan.

If there isn’t an equivalent date of the previous month eg: booking for the 31st of May, I’m pretty sure you need to wait until the 1st of May.

Not sure what you were asking with your dates?

You can book at your home resort 11 months out for a week. Or you can also book for anytime within the 11 months.

So today, I can book a stay at my home resort starting any time up to and including Jan 12th 2021.

Or I can book at any other resort starting between now and Sept 12th.

That pretty much answers my question. So many things at Disney are X number of days in advance (180, 60, 30 etc) that I wondered how the dates are handled when the first date you want to book is the 31st of a month but your booking month only has 30 days in it. Thanks!