7/10 crowds

Is a 7/10 in December (Sunday, Dec 21st), the same as a 7/10 in summer?

I would think a 7 out of 10 would be similar whenever it occurs @dinahvixen. It just represents the wait times for rides during the main part of the day (I think like 10 am to 5 pm if I remember correctly.) I think that when it gets to 10 out of 10’s , that’s when they fluctuate more. Like a 10 on Christmas Day would be busier than the 10 of Christmas Eve Day, but it is at the top of the scale so it is all called a 10. I hope that made more sense than I think it’s going to. Lol! :slight_smile:

Well, sort of. The way I understand it, they divide the year into tenths based on crowds. For example, the 36.5 least crowded days of the year are called crowd level 1. The 36.5 most crowded days are called level 10. So your level 7 could be closer to a 6, closer to an 8, or somewhere in between.

Of course, I have no idea how they split a day in half. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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^ Listen ta dis guy! He knows whut he’s talkin about! :wink: Ha ha! Actually, he does - that makes way more sense than what I said! :smile:

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Hey @LoveBug53 your Brooklynese is improving!

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I’m a fast learner! Lol! :wink:

They represent the same wait times across the parks.

@Agent_C - the latest crowd calendar moves away from the “tenths” concept. It’s explained in detail here.

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Thanks Len. Always interested in the “behind the scenes” stuff. :pensive:

I just read it, and that makes MUCH more sense. So @LoveBug53 Your are correct for the current version of the crowd calendar. I was working with my knowledge of Version 2 of the crowd calendar.

I try to learn something new every day, so I’m good for today. Whew! it was getting late. :smile:

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Thanks all. We handled 7/10 in summer just fine, so may attempt it at Christmas!

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So I was right? Huh. Imagine that. I guess even a blind squirrel gets lucky and finds a nut sometimes. :wink: :chestnut: