7:10 Chef Mickey ADR

We have a 7:10 ADR at Chef Mickey on a day that EMM is happening. We’ll be coming from Pop. Will we be able to catch an early enough bus to arrive on time to Chef Mickey’s? I was planning to arrive at the bus stop around 6:30am, does this seem accurate?

It should be fine. The busses really do start running much earlier than is stated on the site. We had busses on mornings when there were no early hours at 6:30.

Edit- I really do not understand why they tell people an hour before parks open when that only scares people that they will not be able to get to breakfast on time.

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I do think there should be a bus around 6.30, but I’d be prepared to Uber or Lyft if it hasn’t arrived by 6.45. You should only have to wait 5 mins or so.