6pm BBB -> Star wars fireworks at Hollywood? Can it be done?

If my husband and daughter hop in a cab can they make it to the star wars fireworks after her BBB appointment? Assume that she does the makeover and skips the photos. I think the fireworks are scheduled to start at 7:30.

oh, and the BBB is at MK.

Never done BBB but I hear you should allow an hour? They’d then have to get out of MK, walk to contemporary and get a taxi from there. Then get through security at HS.

My feeling is no, it’s too tight. Not what you want to hear, is it? Sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

I agree that’s pretty tight…In our experience w/ BBB (3 times), you need to allow an hour…and so many times you check in and wait past your appointment time.

That’s what I figured too, thanks. Just thought I would try for my hubby… I’ve been trying to get an earlier BBB for weeks to no avail! OH well, something to look forward to for next time :slight_smile:

I think you are making the right decision by postponing if you can’t get an earlier appointment. The experience really is special…and so expensive…it would be a shame to rush through it.

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Thank you! I think I have got it all worked out because I was able to get dessert part tickets for the next day (Saturday) and move our akershus dinner up (albeit to an odd hour, but they will need room for the dessert anyway). Perhaps this will be the best of both worlds! I swear, I spend all this time planning and then move everything around at the last minute!!

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