60 days out?

by Disney math, does 60 days out from Sun 7/21 end up as Wed 5/22? I’ve never booked as far out as 60 days, what time can you start making reservations on day 60?

I usually use the calculator located here:

It shows 5/22 would be your 60-day mark. Hope this helps!


According to a friend who called & asked once, reservations should open up at 7am ET (so 4am PT). However, I have seen it where they open up at 12am PT and it is very common for schedules not to be quite ready at 60 days ahead, sometimes being adding a few days later or even within 30 days even. But the nice thing in all of this is that it’s not essential to get everything booked 60 days out the moment it opens up for DLR. So check the soonest your schedule allows on 5/22 and for anything that isn’t yet available, check back every day or two.


Try to make a reservation today… what date opens up for you? I’m seeing June 13 today??

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