60 days out Fastpass plan for MK?

I will be travelling with a total of 10 people ranging from ages 7 to 72 to MK on Sat June 6th. It is our only day together as a group, I will have another half day without the large group.

I will be staying on site so can book FP 60 days out and am trying to figure out what to book for FP. I did happen to notice it is supposed to be open 9-10pm and has no early magic hours/late hours and it is the one day scheduled for gay days. We are from California so my kids won’t notice, but wondering if it affects the crowds/touring plans.

Figure the hardest to get and highest priority is : 7 Dwarf Mine Train, Space Mountain and then not sure if we should try for Peter Pan or Big Thunder. Any thoughts of the times that might work best? We plan on being there for the entire day, opening to close!

Maybe rope drop Space Mountain, Buzz, Astrorbitor, 9-10 am Dwarf Mine Train, 10-11 Peter Pan, 11-12 Big Thunder of if that moves fast maybe Splash and then try to get 4th and 5th FP for pirates, haunted, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh and might skip Jungle cruise and Splash- Any thoughts? Sad to miss Splash but not sure it is worth the wait…

Worried that if we are late or slow we might miss Space Mountain! That is a huge priority!

Any thoughts?


How many days out is your MK day (ie 60, 60+1, 60+2, etc)? 7DMT at 9 am will be very tough to get the first few days of your trip.

If SM is a huge priority, what about getting a FP for SM and rope dropping Big Thunder Mountain followed by PotC and, if time permits, Haunted Mansion. I like to get Pirates done early instead of waiting for 4th (or later) FP.

Gay days don’t generally affect crowd level much.

You should try to get FPs for your priority rides imo, then you know you’ll definitely get to ride them. I’d go for Peter Pan over BTMRR, and do that at RD instead. It will be fairly quiet over there. You can probably do that and Splash in the first hour or so, and then start using your FPs. As @davej says, it’s tough getting an early 7DMT.

For reference, I was booking my Magic Kingdom day at 60+1, and the earliest 7DMT I could get was mid-afternoon. You could think about setting a reservation finder for a PPO reservation at Be Our Guest and rope dropping 7DMT.

Earliest I could get 7DMT at 60+1 was 3:30 and at 60+2 was 12:30. I’d be very surprised if you can get one that early.

We had pretty good luck going left when we entered. Got Jungle Cruise, Pirates, and Haunted done with no waits. Could have probably fit Big Thunder and Splash in with short (i.e. 10 minute waits), but Splash was done for refurb and we had a Big Thunder FP for our second day. We had FPs for Peter Pan, 7DMT and Enchanted (not worth it if you don’t have a princess fan). I’d switch Enchanted for Space. The rest of Fantasyland and most of Tomorrowland have pretty good same-day FP availability so you should be able to do at least another 3-4 rides using extra fastpasses. With a good of 10 you’ll need to split them up into smaller groups or some can sit out during certain rides (i.e. adults may not care about Dumbo).

OMG, I thought that I was only able to book at exactly 60 days out and my plan is on a Friday (HS) and (MK) Sat! I need to read the fine print since I didn’t understand that…

What is the 60 plus 1, 60 plus 2?


At 60 days before check in, you can book your whole trip. So if you check in on 1st of the month, 3rd is 60+2.

You’re able to book 10 days of fastpasses at 60 days before your arrival day. So if you’re FPP day is March 1 and you’re staying for a week, you can book the whole week. 60 days would be arrival, and then +1, +2, etc is for the subsequent days.

Definitely don’t do it if it’s not one of your favorites, but Splash would be one of my highest priorities because it’s so long that I feel like you get the most bang for your buck. Other rides you might wait an hour for a less than 2 min ride, but at Splash you are getting almost 12 minutes of entertainment. Not to mention a little cooling water might be welcome in the June heat.

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Right, so don’t interpret 60+3 as meaning you can book 63 days out from your arrival. It just means you’re staying 4 days, and you can book your arrival day (60), and all of your subsequent days at the same time (+1;+2;+3).

If you are checking in on Thursday, then Friday HS is 60+1 and Saturday MK is 60+2.

You most likely will not get a 9 am 7DMT FP at 60+2 (but I think you have a good chance to get a 7DMT FP for sometime during that day).

You didn’t ask this, but for HS at 60+1 you most likely will not be able to get a FP for SDD or MFSR.

This is true for a June trip, but during the Winter months Splash (KRR at MK) are not great choices for the morning or evening hours. I remember buying my then girlfriend a whole new set of clothes at AK after I talked her into Kali on a cold November day and she got soaked.

I just checked the Touring Plans FP+ availability calendar for today (and it is already past noon) and there are plenty of SDD and MFSR for 60+1. Unless my calculations are incorrect, 60+1 for today would be April 4th.

[Slinky Dog Dash]
as of 12:18am EST on 2/3/20 2:45pm‑3:45pm · 3:10pm‑4:10pm · 3:55pm‑4:55pm · 4:10pm‑5:10pm · 4:45pm‑5:45pm · 5:05pm‑6:05pm · 5:45pm‑6:45pm · 6:15pm‑7:15pm · 6:40pm‑7:40pm · 7:15pm‑8:15pm · 7:30pm‑8:30pm

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All on-site days that you have tickets for or only 10 days out? What if you have 9-day tickets but have resort days in the middle spanning 12 total days?

I’m editing my answer out because it appears I was wrong (:grimacing:) and don’t want anybody to get the wrong information accidentally!

You are correct. I am very surprised. It also looks like FOP FP is available at 60 days out right now which is usually not the case. And lots more 7DMT than is usually available.

I don’t have an explanation. But I wouldn’t count on this availability continuing if it were me.

For HS, I think that once they changed the Tiers, it opened up a lot more SDD FP+. I’ve been watching it a lot lately - it seems that lately, 60+2 starts opening up lots of options.

9 days across the validity of your tickets - I assume that would cover all 12 days. It’s not across the initial 10 days. The limit at 60 days is actually 14 days (which covers UK tickets and APs staying onsite) and they can all be booked at once.

Nah, you just gotta be tough. :wink:
One cool November evening my DH and teens and I rode Splash over and over and had the boats all to ourselves because others were spooked by the cool weather. We actually had someone shout at us while we were on the ride asking if we were freezing. It was too much fun to worry about the cold! I’ll admit we may be a bit crazy though.


Thanks–that’s what I was hoping would work.