60 Day FPP date - Check-in day or first day on Ticket?

Remind me – our check in date is October 24th but our tickets start on October 25th (Don’t ask :frowning: ). Is my 60 day FPP day based on the 24th or the 25th?

60 days from check-in day.

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Reviving this older thread because it occurred to me just a few minutes ago that since we would be checking in to Disney on August 7, but not doing our first park day until August 8, that my 60 Day FPP day is wrong! I will be booking for 60+1 through 60+6, and not 60+0 through 60+5. I’m happy about this, as that extra day makes a difference in what is available. For example, right now, according to the DIBB, 60+3 days out, MFSR and MMRR are listed as standby only. But 60+4 there is availability. We are doing HS on 60+4 and 60+5, which makes it easier!

Posting this to share in my happiness about this…as well as a reminder to others in case they were thinking incorrectly about this as I was!

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