60 day fastpass at Disney Springs Hotel question

Does anyone know how to link the non disney hotel reservation to the my disney experience site? I am staying at the best western in disney springs in Oct and it’s supposed to have access to the 60 Fastpass’s but I can’t seem to find a way to link it up.

For my Hilton booking, I just link the Hilton confirmation code in MDE. It did take a few days before it linked.

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See the link hotel button. It will ask you for your confirmation code then you will be set to go!

I ended up needing to call Best Western and get their Confirmation code, the one given through Hotels.com didn’t work but the one they gave me did.

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That’s great!! Are you close to your 60 days?

I have a reservation at Hilton Buena Vista Palace in Disney Springs I made through the Hilton website. I made the reservation a few weeks ago, and a few days ago I tried to link it to MDE using the confirmation code from Hilton. Every time I try I just keep getting the message - “Your reservation cannot be located as entered.” Is that normal? It’s been saying this for about 3 days now when I try. When you say it took a few days before it linked, what exactly was the process to get it linked?

I actually just used the confirmation number Hilton sent me. It took four days and then I was able to link it. That’s weird. Was that on the website or the app? The app is a mess right now.

You might need to call WDW :frowning:

I’ve been trying on the website. Did you ever initially get the message “Your reservation cannot be located as entered”? Or should I assume because I’m getting that, something must be wrong. I’m just confused as to what I’m supposed to be seeing when I enter the confirmation number. I keep hearing people say it takes a few days, but what are you supposed to see when you put the number in?

Mine was saying that at first, but then it linked and I could the Hilton in my itinerary.

Q for FPP at DS hotels: do you need to purchase a package through the hotel to get 60 days, or can you just book the room? I have tickets purchased and am considering dropping an onsite reservation for a DS hotel.

I booked straight on the Hilton website with my points and was able to add the hotel to MDE.

Did you ever get it to work?

We did the same as @MissBelleCA and booked on the Hilton site with points

No! I’ve been trying since Saturday and it’s still not showing up. I can’t figure out what the problem could be. I guess I’ll have to call Disney, but I’ve been thinking surely I can figure this out, it’s worked for other people! Just like you and Stewart136 said, we booked on the Hilton site with points, and I’m using the confirmation number they gave me.

So I just called Disney World and they said the confirmation number I have does not work, and I need to call Hilton and get them to give me a confirmation number that will link to MDE.

For those of you who got it to link, did you have any difficulties making the FP+ reservations 60 days out? Mine linked OK, but am wondering about whether FP+ will be smooth?

I had no problems at the 60 day window.

Ok so now I’m completely baffled. Disney World said I needed to call the hotel and get a different confirmation number bc the one I had wasn’t working in their system. So I did that and the hotel (Hilton Buena Vista Palace) said I can’t even link it until 60 days before my reservation! Has anyone else experienced this? I can’t wait until 60 days to link it, I need to be making my FPs as soon as the 60 day window opens!

I finally got an official response from Hilton Buena Vista Palace…

“Good morning Julie! Our reservations advised that since the hotel just recently extended our Disney benefits through 2019, our systems that feed our reservations to Disney are currently being updated to accommodate 2019 reservations. They advised that by the end of the month (August) we should have the system updated and 2019 reservations will be flowing through to the MDE App. We apologize for any inconvience this may have caused you. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way and we are here to help should you have any questions!”

Hi, sorry for reviving an old thread, but I was wondering if you had completed your stays at the Disney Springs hotels and have written a review at all. We are considering staying at one (probably Hilton Buena Vista Palace) and I’m struggling to find any reviews by Disney-minded people. Interested in how well (or not) the transportation worked and if there were any issues with getting fastpasses or any other of the privileges. In addition to any general opinions that you had. Many thanks

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