60 Day ADR Question

Hello good peeps!

I have one night at Beach Club on 5/11 and check into Poly on 5/12 for 5 nights. How will my dining/ADR window work? Will I get to book length-of-stay from 5/11 or from 5/12? If I can’t book length-of-stay until 5/12 is it even worth waking up early on 5/11?? WWYD? For some reason, my brain can work this one out, lol. Thanks for your help!

Length of stay for your 5/11 means you book 60+1 days.

Length of stay for your 5/12 means you can book 60+5 days

You cannot book 60+6 days for 5/11 though.

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To clarify… let’s say 60 days from 5/11 is July 10. (I am doing math in my head, so no guarantee that is correct). On 5/11, then you can book ADRs for July 10 & July 11.

But on 5/12, your 60+5 day window opens. So you can book for July 11 (which overlaps) through July 16.

So, the advantage to booking on 5/11 is that you get a chance to book July 10 & 11 sooner than if you wait until the following day. So if there is anything you plan to book that might be hard to get on those two days, then go ahead and try on 5/11. You will then book the rest of your trip starting on 5/12.

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Thank you for explaining this. So helpful! I, for some reason, couldn’t get my mind around it, lol. This makes sense. Guess I’ll have two early wake up calls that week!

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