6:30 Dinner Reservation at WDW on a Halloween Party Night?

We have a 6:30 reservation at Liberty Tree Tavern on a Mickey’s Halloween Party night (Oct. 20). So MK closes at 7:00 that night. Is it OK if we are still in the restaurant then since we don’t have tickets to the Halloween party and are planning to leave right after dinner? How does one get out of the park then?

Yes you are fine. You just leave the park as usual. Get a 6:55 reservation :slight_smile:

Double check your reservation email. This year ADR’s after a certain time which I believe is more like 6:15 will say a party ticket is required. If your ADR reservation says that you’ll need to rebook as they will not allow you to check in. If it does not they will honor it and they will escort you out of the park once you finish.

Liberty Tree is one of those restaurants that is it fine. That restaurant is not open during the party.

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