6:03 not 5:45 ADR

I just booked my ADR 60 day +10
I have been reading that you can start booking ADR at 5:45am. This was not the case for me, my booking dates did not open up until 6:03am.
Not a big deal considering I am booking into late January.
Has anyone been able to book 5:45 - 5:59am? It may make a difference during busy times.

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This morning at 60 +10, some restaurants (Space, Oga’s) were already available around 5:00am. I didn’t book, I was just spying ahead of tomorrow morning. So, I’ll update then.

It seems inconsistent. A few days ago the one’s I looked at only opened around 6:00am.

Note that some Enchanting Extras open at 4:00am, so maybe some ADR’s do too? It just really seems like Disney puts loopholes in everything, so that some people feel lucky and get some magic?


Never. Not once. I hear about it. But it seems fictional based on my experience.

Also 6:03? That’s NH o’clock (our area code is 603)

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You are giving them too much credit with the idea that any of this is done with intent :laughing:


I have never had the 5;45 for ADRs but have had the midnight Enchanting Extras and also have had the EE that open days later.

I have been finding that a lot of restaurants are not loaded in time for the 60+ 10 days out. Some open up right at 60 days only. Had this happen at Shiki Sai, Flying Fish, San Angel, Narcoossee, to name a few.


Came here to ask if they were booking from NH! (I am here this lovely rainy Wednesday!)

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It’s nice to have you here :slight_smile: :blush:

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Same for me for both ADR and some EEs

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Everything I looked at opened at midnight today, on the app. This is for February 1st.

I wonder if only weekends are 4am. Weird.


Sometimes I’ve seen ADRs load as early at 5:30 or maybe even a bit earlier.


That’s what I’m seeing this week also. I’m not sure if it opened exactly at midnight but sometime around there at least. I wasn’t expecting it to be available but just happened to be up late and checked. Booked around 1:00am on 12/6 and 12:20am on 12/7.

Grabbed lunch at Skipper Canteen and fireworks pre-party for 2/14 (booked 12/6). And Space 220 Lounge for 2/15 (booked 12/7).

I guess I’ll try again tonight, since I’m hoping for Sci-Fi and Oga’s for 2/16.

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So today is my 60 day mark, and I’m arriving 2/5

I think stuff was open because you’re a little late :wink:

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I am? That’s what I thought at first, but all day yesterday the furthest out was 2/14. Then at midnight it showed 2/15, which is still the furthest out I can book. That’s 60+10, right?

Oh you’re looking at 60+10. Sorry. I thought you thought your 60 day was today :slight_smile:

Carry on…


Ya’ll keep complaining and then go try at DLR :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
It’s so much more random over there! LOL

But yeah I don’t think anything is consistent and my money is on resources. They don’t have enough of them to nail this.

This is also why I use a leading reservation and just try later in the day. Don’t have to deal with this for most things but I have had some that didn’t dump at 60+10 even then. I’ve had some come at 60+3, etc.


Confirmed last night that 2/16 wasn’t available at 11:59pm and then was available at midnight. Eastern time of course. This is for 60+10.

I’ve also seen some weird variation on the dining packages. When using the app or desktop version of the website, Fantasmic dining packages are only available 60 days out. But using the mobile version of the website it’s available at 60+10. Logged in to the same account on all versions.


It seems like at 60+10, midnight is the most consistent. But at 60+9 and down, it still seems like 6:00am is the norm.