5th sleeper rooms


We are a family of 4 who will be travelling with a family of 5 in March 2022. I’ve never had to plan for a family of 5 before but have quickly realized the challenges it poses!

Our accommodation options are (within our budget): 1) All star Music (if we want to save money - last time we were in Disney we hardly were at our resort so I’m starting to wonder if spending the extra money for a moderate like we usually do is actually worth it!).
2) POR - I love this resort but haven’t been in 12 years. We recently did POFQ and loved it but unfortunately is not an option for a family of 5.
3) Carribean Beach - I worry about the size with our kids, the many bus stops and the Skyliner breaking down.
4) not interested in Coronado Springs I don’t think…

And I was just looking at David’s Disney Vacaton club rentals and see we could get a studio room at boardwalk (cheaper then Caribbean beach!!) or beachclub (a bit more then Carribean). Having to use the pull out couch might get annoying but being walkable to epcot and hws is so nice. Wondering what your thoughts are on this? We would prob not choose beachclub since it is more $$ and would lean towards boardwalk if we went this route. This was just something I had never considered before…

Any comments on any of my options would be great and especially if you can give me insight on the vacation point rental option would be awesome!

I appreciate all your help! For some reason I’m having trouble deciding I think because I just want to do back to POFQ!!

PS YES I do know some of the above are not open yet. I’m going on the assumption that they will be before March… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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You would need a family suite at All Star Music? I think that would cost more money than a moderate? Have you considered Fort Wilderness?

Are you looking at confirmed dvc rentals? I think Boardwalk would be cheaper if it was a standard view studio but I would be shocked if any of those would be available at 9-10 months? DVC reservations are generally non refundable and do come with a certain risk.

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Our family of 5 absolutely loves POR. We will be staying at CBR this July, but only because POR isn’t open yet. As long as the 5th family member is OK sleeping on the fold down sleeper (our youngest daughter doesn’t mind). And yes, POR would be cheaper than a family suite at All Star Music. We’ve priced them before. If your family of 5 doesn’t like close quarters, this might not be the way to go, but our family thought the theme of the resort, plus the great options of the food court more than made up for the small room. (Only 1 bathroom for 5 though–must keep that in mind too)

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I honestly don’t know anything about the dvc rentals so figured I should look more into it! Thanks for the info about Allstar! It is hard when they are not available to price!!

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Thank you! Great things to think about! The youngest is 5 and will be fine on the pull down bed. Honestly the three kids will prob just all sleep together in one bed side ways. That’s usually what happens :joy: i didn’t realize All Star would be more money! It isn’t easy when they strange available to price out!
I hope you guys enjoy CBR!!

We are a family if five and we have done POR, CBR and Beach Club with the fam. Honestly we liked POR the best. Love thos resort and food options for littles are the best out of all the resorts we stayed. 5 in a room are tight but doable. My oldest who is 12 now and 5" 3" comfortably slept in the fold down every time.
No complaints from her and she complains about everything…she has has some sensory issues.
CBR was great too. Size is managable. We stayed in Aruba and my kids did not complain about the walk at all and skyliner did stop sometime for weather but didnt affect us at all. Food options were just OK for the kids…I liked the food they have good adult options but you may eat the same thimg all week. Skyliner when working at full capacity is a total plus for this resort and super efficient.

BCV was meh for us. Not worth the extra money. Walk to Epcot was great but i dont know why quick service food options at a deluxe is so limited. The suites at values are usually more…priced AOA before and they are like 400 per night. CSR is not an option cause it only allows 4 per room. We will actually consider 2 rooms here at a good discount next time cause our kids are getting too big to be squeezing into one room and I have stayed here multiple time with DH and love it!

I would totally stay at either CBR or POR again! Price is better at POR though. Prices at CBR had skyroceted since opening of skyliner.

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We are a family of 5 and did CBR (pre skyliners and renovations) and POR. We liked POR better. We enjoyed the theme and the boat to Disney Springs. Now, I believe POR is the least expensive compared to Fort Wilderness, CBR and ASMu suites. Although I do think it stinks that at CBR and POR you now have to pay more for the 5th sleeper.

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Thank you for responding! All of that information was very helpful! At this point I think we will wait for POR to open up (I assume it will be by March LOL!)