5th Hotel Announced


I must be missing something - where in UOR is there the land for another new hotel??

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Looks like it is shoe-horned in between Royal Pacific and Cabana Bay. I personally wish they would stop building more hotels- makes EE extra crowded. Didn't see whether they will have the free express passes, hope that stays with only the first 3 resorts, otherwise that too will make the long lines extra long.

I guest that means it will be a construction zone next year then!

Having read this artical, as well as some others, it seems that the goal of this new resort is to capture the convention crowd. They also indicate that it will be connected directly to RPR via sky bridge. One thing I haven't seen anywhere is if this will be "deluxe" like RPR or "moderate" like Cabana Bay. I'm guessing the former...

I have read that it's supposed to be a a step above Cabana Bay, so like a "moderate plus" with EE but no express passes.