5th day Park Choice

We already have a day at each park + an extra night for the MMHCP (Resort/Disney Springs during day)
We have 1 more ticket and last until 4Pm to enjoy before our flight.
1 - Water park?
2 - Decide night before to see what was the favorite park we would want to see again(then no FP+ upfront )?
3 - Spend last day at resort/Disney springs and go to a different park prior to MMHCP ( so also using opening to 4pm as we can get into MK @ 4 )

To me, going to MK a second day always wins out as first choice. Although, since you have MMHCP, you might count that as a second MK day. (Never been, however, but I’ve heard crowds are quite heavy so you might not get to do as much.)

Second choice for us right now is HS simply because there is so much to do. I used to be EPCOT. Almost impossible to get through everything at EPCOT in a day…but with all the construction, plus new stuff at HS, we decided to do a second day at HS.

Thanks for your input
Our first day doesn’t start until 2PM when we arrive and was going to HS, as I saw HS as not a full day because we are not big Star Wars people ( 2 Adults and DD9 ) . Maybe then we do need the extra half day at HS to get a complete day? We have full day at Epcot and AK.
So it is between MK or HS

Well, I have one full day in our plan at HS doing everything except SWGE. The second day at HS is focused more heavily on SWGE. But I did find the plan for HS needed most of a single day even without SWGE. (We used to see HS as a half-day park as well.)

But every family is different, so my experience might not apply.

If you’re not big Star Wars people, I would consider doing your second day at AK - it’s got some repeatability and is just a unique atmosphere. But even without SW, a half day at HS is a little short, and maybe you’ll be drawn in by SWGE, so maybe HS is a good choice after all.

I would schedule FP+ for HS, knowing that you might change last minute to MK.

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I have a few questions that would help with giving you suggestions:

(1) Have you been to WDW recently? Do you have a favorite park?

(2) How often do you plant visit WDW in the future?

(3) Does your family prefer thrill rides?

Here ya go

You mention the water parks. If you already have that 5th ticket purchased, I’m pretty sure (please someone correct me if not) that you can’t use park tickets on a water park. They’re purchased separately.

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How old are your kids?

1 Daughter turning 10 while we are there

We love all the parks but always build 2 days into our plans for Magic Kingdom. There is just so much to do there and it is quintessential Disney to us.

Sounds like you have 5 day tickets, with 1/2 day currently for HS, plus full day at MK, AK, and EP.

Why not take your 1/2 day and make it MK, and then the one final ticket making a full day at HS. That gives you a full 1 1/2 days at MK plus the party, and then a full day at HS.

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Given that this may be a 1 and done trip for you, I would not spend time at the resort, Disney Springs or water parks over the theme parks.

I would recommend MK for the last day, but I can also see the argument for HS. If it were me, I would book FP for MK for the last day.

That said … have you considered adding 1 day to your tickets (usually not very expensive if you already have 4 days) and going to the parks the day of the party AND the last day. In that case, I would go to MK the day of the party and HS the last day. You almost certainly will not be able to get a Slinky Dog FP for your first day, but there is decent change to get one at 60+5 before 2 pm.


So, just to be clear, you’re leaving WDW at 4pm? Or the flight leaves at 4pm?

Magic express will pick us up at POFQ at 4PM

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Oops we do not have PH+ so we would have t
o buy water park tickets - so thats probably a no go

I would suspect that with a 10 year old girl, and your family not being into Star Wars that you will want that last day for MK, so I would make fp for MK and go into it knowing you might change it.

i would say MK but keep your options open & be flexible to change based on what you want to do that last day after experiencing all 4 parks :slight_smile:

I like this idea. We have spent 1.5 days on HS prior to SWGE and never felt like we ran out of stuff to do there. It probably depends on how many shows you and your family want to do. If shows aren’t of interest to you, then you very well may be done by mid-day on the first day.

AK is easily a two-day park for us too.

What you may do is use the day to book the highest demand FPs that are of interest to your family and then change them as needed. So if you decide while you’re there your 10 y/o wants to ride FOP one more time you aren’t scrambling for a plan because you don’t have a FP. It’s always easier in my opinion to book something high demand and then drop it than the other way around.