53 points available to rent - check out by 11/30/22

I hope this is OK to post but I had to cancel our July 4th trip due to DGD testing positive for COVID. After working with member services, I have 53 points that I need to use before our December use year, they can’t be banked. We already have trips planned and points used so checking to see if anyone would like to rent up to 53 points. Full disclosure, I have never rented points to anyone before but happy to answer questions, use a contract…etc. Price per point is negotiable, looking for a fair price but also don’t want to lose them!

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Hi! I may be interested! I’ve been a renter and a rentee. I’ve also transferred points, which may be easier for everyone.

Feel free to message me and we can talk about price. I’m not sure how you want to price them if you want to do the transfer.

EDIT: Nothing available for my dates. :frowning: Still available if someone else can use them!

What an awful shame. I’m so sorry

Do you still have these available to rent? we are planning a last minute trip in September.

No, im sorry, they are not.